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Maintaining Garage Door Roller Tracks

Maintaining Garage Door Roller Tracks
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Your garage door basically works through a set of rollers which are responsible for allowing the door to slide up and downwards during operations. These rollers run in what is called garage door track. Since this operation involves metal moving against metal, there is always friction which can greatly damage parts of the door as it is constantly used. However, it is very risky for any untrained person to conduct any repair or replacement of either the tracks or the rollers.

Risks involved in garage door tracks

Maintaining Garage Door Roller TracksWe at garage door repair Miramar Terrace recommend that bent garage door track repair as well as replacing of door rollers should be left to professionals. There are actually two things that make these tasks very dangerous. The first is the weight of the door and the other are the door springs. Remember that the bracket of the bottom roller is attached to a cable that is under continuous spring tension. An untrained person trying to repair or replace these door parts can easily get into an accident. Improperly releasing the tension of the springs can prove to be hazardous. To ensure safety both for you and your family, it is better that professionals handle this type of issue. You can contact us for a quote on services regarding this sort of problems.

What you can do

There are two ways, though, that you can keep the rollers and tracks from breaking down. The first is regular cleaning. You have to make sure that the tracks are free of dirt and other harmful buildups. You can use an old toothbrush and a disk brake cleaner to remove any grease from tracks and rollers. The second thing you can do is lubricate the rollers and tracks. This will eliminate the friction and help the door to slide smoothly along the tracks. Do not settle for just one of these two. If you lubricate the parts without first cleaning it, the door may slide smoothly for a time but the old grimes will just cause damage to the rollers. On the other hand, cleaning without lubricating afterwards will promote more friction and damage to the parts.

Cleaning and lubricating of the rollers and tracks should be done simultaneously to ensure maximum results.

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