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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

We Fix Malfunctioning Garage Door Openers

Find here what our customers have to say about our repair services through their testimonials

My opener started breathing again

It had been a while since our garage door was last maintained but to be honest we weren't happy with the garage door company we worked with and kept postponing finding a new one. The answer literally knocked on our door in the form of our cousin who started talking about his garage door problems and how he found Garage Door Repair Miramar Terrace. We called, too. The service was perfect. The tech was punctual. The problem was with the opener and it was fixed at once. When he left, it was like we had a new door. It started working again. Excellent work!

Excellent same day maintenance service

It was my day off and called Garage Door Repair Miramar Terrace to make an appointment for maintenance service. The person on the phone reassured me that I could schedule the service for whenever I wanted even this same day. This was amazing! The technician came over an hour later and the service didn't last long enough to steal my whole day but it was still performed with attention. He was efficient and quick. Strange combination but doable if you have knowledge! The overhead door operated smoothly and all problems were fixed. It was just great!

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